Allison Celenza

About the Artist

The Inspiration

I’m an abstract watercolor artist inspired by astrology, human design, manifestation and spreading beauty and peace in the world. As a Scorpio rising I like to dig deep and find the roots and motivations to what people do.

As a Gemini sun I can see things from multiple perspectives and have restless creativity and desire to connect. As a Cancer moon I love the human condition and feel great empathy and love towards others. This is the place I create from.

Allison Celenza

I feel the most alive when I’m in creation and connection. I currently work out of my home studio in the suburbs outside sunny Philadelphia alongside my husband, 7 year old son and rescued puppy.


My highest goal for Painted in the Stars is to create captivating abstract paintings inspired by vulnerable human themes that are precious yet universal, ultimately allowing a permeating sense of belonging intimately within the art collector.