Thoughtful gifts and stocking stuffers for your loved ones.

The collection of gifts below has been curated for you as my top gifts of the season. They are Astrology Mugs, Human Design Mugs and Grace Journals.

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Astrology Mugs

Astrology Mugs make fun stocking stuffers and small gifts for loved ones that are astrology enthusiasts and ask everyone their sun sign upon meeting them. Each mug has a sun sign on one side with 3 characteristics that sun sign shares on the other side. The designs are complete with fun illustrated stars, each sign's constellation, and a soft watercolor brushstroke background.

  • Pisces Astrology Mug $22
  • Aquarius Astrology Mug $22
  • Capricorn Astrology Mug $22
  • Sagittarius Astrology Mug $22
  • Scorpio Astrology Mug $22
  • Libra Astrology Mug $22
  • Virgo Astrology Mug $22
  • Leo Astrology Mug $22
  • Cancer Astrology Mug $22
  • Gemini Astrology Mug $22
  • Taurus Astrology Mug $22
  • Aries Astrology Mug $22
  • New! Grace Journals

    Living a life of grace is a daily conscious practice of living an empowered life. Circumstances and people come into your life to break up the cyclical nature of your life, but their presence and their splashes are what make your story beautiful.

    Grace journals remind you that the universe has your back and to write out the circumstances in your life on paper until you see things clearly. Grace journals make thoughtful gifts for those that have manifestation journals, meditation journals, or dream journals.

  • Every Challenge is a Gift Hardbound Journal $30
  • Supported in Grace Hardbound Journal $30
  • Forgiveness is for the Forgiver Hardbound Journal $30
  • Kindness Magically Appears Hardbound Journal $30
  • Supported in Fear Hardbound Journal $30
  • Brave Hardbound Journal $30
  • I Am in Control of My Response Hardbound Journal $30
  • Accepting a Challenge Hardbound Journal $30
  • Calm Deep Within the Soul Hardbound Journal $30
  • Control is an Illusion Hardbound Journal $30
  • I Am Resilient Hardbound Journal $30
  • I Allow Grace Hardbound Journal $30
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    Due to restrictions because of COVID-19 and the increase of shipping during this holiday season, I cannot guarantee a Christmas delivery. I will do all that I can to get your product out to you as quickly as possible.

    Please order early and shop small this holiday season. Thank you so much for your support during this holiday season. Much love from my family to yours!

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